Handyman Services Experiment: Good or Bad?

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The handyman you telephone to service your requirements ought to be somebody you can trust and rely on to supply you with the best service for the correct cost.

It’s important to so many people today, particularly in this market, to know the handyman you telephone can not just be trusted to offer you a service you will be happy with and a price you can afford, but also to be DEPENDABLE. The majority of people today lead such hectic lives with hectic schedules, they cannot manage to sit around and await somebody who shows up hours late.

Call us to find out more about the Handyman services we supply, from replacing a battery in handyman services near me your smoke detector to changing a lightbulb, we would like to assist you keep your Las Vegas property and home in tip top shape! Should you require a handyman who’s dependable, trustworthy, and fair, contact Your Las Vegas Handyman today. Keep in Mind, No Job is Too Small!



Reasonable Prices.

Hear From Our Happy Customers.

Marc Thomas, Satisfied Customer.

We use Your Las Vegas Handyman for all our repairs. They’re Fast, dependable, and consistently give us top notch service! Thank you Your Las Vegas Handyman!

Mick N , Real Estate Agent.

They fixed our problem right away, and charged about 20 percent less than ‘the other guys’.

Tommy M, Satisfied Customer.

Las Vegas Handyman DIY Tips, Exterior Home Painting.

A house ‘s curb appeal is very important if you’re selling your house or for your own pleasure. The quickest way to improve the curb appeal of your home is using a new coat of paint to the exterior walls of the home and also the wood trim. Homes in the southwest part of the USA and Las Vegas have extremely hot summers so it’s more crucial that you paint if you live in these areas. Ignoring the exterior wood finishes of a home will cause the wood to chip and peel making the wood replacement very expensive.

Painting stucco also keeps a house looking new and fresh. Most Las Vegas homes have rules set down with a Homeowners Association therefore it is vital to make certain that the colour you select is accepted by the institution before you paint. I have seen on many occasions where a shade wasn’t allowed and the proprietor needed to repaint the entire property!

Here is a small tip for painting front door….paint it the exact same colour as your trimming or go a little darker and produce the curb appeal more lovely!

The interior of your house is usually painted a shade by the builder who built the home. It’s generally a neutral colour. Whether you’re moving into a brand new Las Vegas home, or you have been living in the home for some time, you might want to repaint a few of the rooms using a new coat of paint.

This may brighten up any furniture and window coverings you might have needed for a while.

A lot of people decide to paint a room one colour, or paint just a couple of walls, creating an accent wall. You can take advantage of this accent wall to help coordinate your window coverings and accessories.

A popular colour nowadays in the Southwest is orange. If you like this color or any other color you can paint an entire wall or use a accent to add just a pop of color to the room.

It’s crucial to choose the correct finish. You are able to decide on the popular egg shell or select a lovely satin finish. Using a gloss finish is generally practical in a room where you might need to wipe down a wall, or so the kitchen or the bathroom makes the most sense to use this end.

Have fun with paint & don’t be afraid to experiment! Remember "ITS ONLY PAINT"!

From Storm Doors to Energy Prices, Using a Storm Door Makes So Much Sense.

A storm door is a door that is installed outside of an exterior door. Here in Southern Nevada that they have become very popular because of the changes in our sport from season to season. There are many days in the spring and autumn once we do not need to use our air conditioning along with a storm door can assist the conditions inside your house during those months as well.

All you need to do in order to get fresh air into the house is to open the front door, and let the air flow through the storm door.

Most storm doors could be interchangeable also, in which the door can readily be converted into display for the summertime and glass for the winter. Storm doors can also be locked for safety purposes. Storm doors are a simple, low-cost house improvement.

Let us assist you by converting your door for Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, and enhance the look of your house while raising your energy savings!

Storage Issues?

Everyone has storage and shelving demands, particularly in Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley where houses aren’t built to include a basement, and the only storage we now have is in our garage. Shelving and cabinets not just provides you much additional storage it provides you opportunity to organize your garage, and enlarge the efficiency and distance of your house.

Here are some TIPS to help keep your shelving or storage areas working right!

* Make sure cabinets or shelves clear garage doors, garage door tracks and service doors.

* Maintain cabinets and shelves above head level in foot traffic areas, and away from doorways so that you don’t bump in to them.

* Remember to allow enough distance between the ceiling and the shelving for tall items which you intend to store.

* If you have a huge pickup truck or SUV, ensure that your shelving or cabinets don’t block the doors.

Should you require assistance with your cabinets or shelving, then provide Your Las Vegas Handyman a telephone, our years of expertise might help.

Preparing For Winter. .

Save on energy costs through the winter in Las Vegas and all throughout Southern Nevada by repairing old doorways on your house. Front doors, back doors, or even a side access door into a garage may be major energy waster. Keeping the cold air out and the hot air in during the winter months helps you to keep the heating bills down also.

With the increasing cost of energy nowadays each penny of savings goes a long way in making Southern Nevada and Las Vegas a ‘Greener’ place to live.

Repairing old doorways save money and energy through the summer months which here in Las Vegas can average 95 to 105 degrees for months. Also, the intense desert heat we’ve got here in the southwest induces the rubber round the doorways to peel and crack. Fixing that also will help save on energy. Fixing the door to keep out the heat and the cool air in is a good idea and also a ‘Green’ idea.

So repair that door to be more energy efficient, and enhance the appearance of your house while raising your energy savings!

Should you need help fixing or repairing a door telephone usour years of experience may save you some time and cash!

Do You’ve Got The Winter Blahs?

An important project for preparing for the colder temps…

Prior to the temperatures reach the freezing stage it’s crucial to cover your exterior pipes. They ought to be wrapped tightly with a distinctive insulation used specifically for this purpose. It’s also a good idea to wrap your water heater with a water heater blanket made from fiberglass and foil on both sides for the greatest insulation.

Just simply taking precautions ahead of time can save you lots of headaches by organizing these simple fixes. We can assist you to do the small things to prepare large for winter, give us a call today!

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